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What history means to me

             To me history is a way of looking back at the past so that I don't forget important events to me or in the world or universe in the past. I believe that history mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.
             History in my life helps me to remember where my ancestors came from. Remembering where my ancestors came from helps me to understand my heritage, more about me, and how I should live my life the best I can. What I mean is that it tells me how I should live my life. History also tells me about how my family's ancestors lived their lives, including things like who is in my family, what religion they believed in, where they lived, and what times of jobs people in my family had. Knowing who was in my family could let me know if there were any famous, notable or important people in my family. Knowing what religion my ancestors believed in gives me a suggestion of what I might want to believe in. Knowing where my ancestors lived lets me know where I came from and knowing what types of jobs my people had lets me know the intelligence level of my people so I know how smart they were.
             The history of the world lets us know about everything important that has happened up until the present. Without history we wouldn't know about how African Americans were at one time slaves and are still in some cases treated unfairly because of their color, that Julius Caesar had one of the strongest empires ever, or even the countless wars that have occurred in the history of the world. Without people knowing about the dinosaurs, the discovery of North America by the Indians or about the land the Vikings discovered, present day people would be ignorant about any important events that have never happened before their lifetime. Without history valuable information would not be passed down so the world would never greatly evolve because people would not have been told how to do anything that they have not directly learned themselves.

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