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            The book Streetcar Named Desire was an ok book. I like the play a lot better than the book and the movie a lot better than the play. The play and the movie had a couple of differencs. Like the fact that in the movie they weren't live but at the play it was. Also in the play it was hard to understand were the actors were In a cretin place in the house but the set in the movie was easier for me to follow. Finially the ending in the movie stella leaves in the play she doesn't.that was really different and it made me start to think.
             The movie was very good but it was missing something. What it was missing was the fact tha we could stop and then pick it up again the next day I for one didn't like that because it doesn't keep you into the movie. In the play there is no stop or pause you have to just watch and take it in as a whole rather than in chucks. We just saw the movie last week and I remember more of the play than the movie. It being live draws you in more and it keeps you focused on it rather than being able to get up and leave knowing that you can come back to that exact same stp and pick it up again.
             In the play all of the actors/actress wee on the same stage and for me it was really hard to see the changes in the set. I found it difficult to tell when the were in the bedroom or in the other bedroomor even them bing in the livving room. It was just hard for me to follow the paly and were the they were in relation to the set. In the movie I got a clear picture of were each sence took place and it was a lot easier to understand.
             The ending of the play just ended with Blanche leaving and Stanley and Stella going on with life it made you think aliitle what happened after but not as much as the ending of the movie. The ending of the movie I thought was much better because Stella left Stanley and her baby with her. That made me think wow she is going run away and start a new life. She is finally going to belive Blanche and she is going to find her and they are ging to live togther as a family.

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