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Racial discrimination

             Racial Discrimination Against Blacks.
             African Americans make up about 13% of the US population. "Oppressed for over three-hundred years, discrimination is a major part of the African American experience" (Oconnor 1). Every day blacks are discriminated against by other cultures and races for several different reasons. Blacks are discriminated against because of the color of their skin, their level of criminal behavior, their economic status, and a long list of other reasons. It is obvious that many Americans are racist, but it is surprising to hear how large the number really is. In his ABC News article, Gary Langer takes a poll on how many Americans are racist or have racist feelings. He states that, "one adult out of every three in this country admits to having some racist feelings" (Langer 2). Although discrimination against blacks happens all across the US, much of the discrimination exists in the "south". In many of the "southern" states, people accept racism towards blacks because of the history of that region and the traditions that were accepted. Joan Hoffman mentions the traditions of the southern state of South Carolina by saying that, "it is a state characterized by strong traditional values, some of which are admirable and others which do not seem to promote the general welfare, such as the wide acceptance of racial discrimination" (Hoffman 41). Another example of racism in the "south" is in Bill Husted's article in which, "racial discrimination lawsuits have been filed against 13 Waffle House restaurants in five states, including 4 in Georgia, seeking changes in how the chain treats black customers" (Husted 1). In this case, several black people were not being served and were being poorly treated by staff members at many of these Waffle .
             Hoppe 2.
             Houses. Although many people and groups try every day to eliminate racial discrimination, it is still a major problem in our country and it needs a solution.

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