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Discrimination and Racial Profiling

            To discriminate against a race in which their ancestors may have been apart of a negative action in the past is wrong; racial profiling can be used as a tool to limit crimes. Racial profiling played a role in our history to solve a situation. Profiling may help prevent another terrorist disaster from occurring. Racial dividers aid in depicting a criminal amongst hundreds of people.
             While our goal is a healthy nation in which the people and government can live coherently, we still must think of our safety. "Back in 1954 the US INS put in practice the Operation Wetback, which was intended to remove one million illegal immigrants from southwestern USA through the use of racial profiling, ending up removing near the million illegal immigrants targeted" (The Police Should Use Racial Profiling To Tackle The Problems Of Illegal Immigration). This quote explains how profiling helped at a time in the United States to evacuate the overpopulation of illegal immigrants.
             Racial profiling aids in security checks to prevent possible terrorist hijackings and bombings at airports and on airplanes. As described in this quote "It also strikes me that one can distinguish singling out a category of people for special scrutiny from judging people by different standards. I don't know if anyone is saying that Arab males shouldn't be allowed on planes–only that they be given a closer examination than other folks. The standard for denying them the right to fly ought to be the same one we use for anyone" (Racial Profiling: Pros and cons). So although someone may profile a terrorist it's still taking safety precautions. "Air carrier.may not subject a person in air transportation to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or ancestry"(statute, 49 U.S.C. § 40127(a)). This says profiling is not ok because you can't deny someone's rights to fly which is moral to do.

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