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             Drugs, no matter how they are viewed, are bad. They appear in all shapes, sizes and forms and they are everywhere. Some drugs are legal, such as: over the counter drugs (aspirin, tobacco, and cough syrup), alcohol (if you are 21), performance enhancing drugs (Creatine, Xenadryne). But many drugs are illegal, such as: heroine, cocaine, marijuana, and many others. Most drugs that are illegal deserve to be illegal. Marijuana, in my opinion, is one drug that deserves to be legalized. Marijuana is an illegal drug that is not anywhere as lethal to the human body as some legal drugs.
             Alcohol and tobacco are killers of hundreds of thousands of people every year, yet they are still legal. Alcohol is an addicting drug. An excessive use of alcohol can lead to several diseases to the body, mainly in the liver. There is a disease spawned directly from alcohol called alcoholism. Having too much in one night could also lead to a ride to the hospital because of passing out or a possible automobile accident. Tobacco is also a leading killer in the United States. Like alcohol, it is also an addicting and also lead to numerous diseases to the body; emphysema and types of cancer being the main diagnosis. .
             One author wrote that "marijuana should be categorized somewhere between alcohol and tobacco on one hand, and caffeine on the other." ( ) Richard Lowry later states that while "alcohol and tobacco kill hundreds of thousands of people a year", that there is "no such thing as an overdose of marijuana." ( ) This is a great point; when has it been heard that people were fighting because they had too much to smoke, or wrecked their car because they had too much to smoke. Another positive of marijuana, is that it has various medicinal uses. It is used in many ways to help cure several diseases such as: glaucoma, migraines, stress diseases, tumors, types of asthma, and many others.
             One "downfall" of the use of marijuana is that it is a gateway drug.

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