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Advertisers Hurtful Ways Toward Women

            In Jennifer Pozner's essay "You"re Soaking in It", she stresses how women are continually put down in a wide variety of ways. While some of her ideas are a bit far stretched, what Pozner states is true, women are hurt in one way or another by advertisements. This is not only a concern for women today, but also a concern for women of the future, especially the younger generation. If women believe everything they see in advertising, they will forever be doomed to strive toward unrealistic and many times impossible goals. In order to rectify this situation, women need to be portrayed in ads more realistically, and they need to be shown with their natural imperfections; in doing so, women will learn that the are okay the way they are, and women's self esteem will rise. .
             While advertising is the most damaging to women, not all blame should be placed on just them, blame should also be placed on the film and modeling industries as well. However, since women are exposed to advertisements on a daily basis, and several times throughout the day, then the advertising industry does carry most of the blame as being the most damaging to women. .
             Nonetheless, all three industries seemed to have come to an agreement to what the "ideal" woman is and they all continually portray the same image. This supposed perfect or "ideal" image for women is a woman that has long straight hair, no visible facial blemishes or moles, they must be tall and skinny, fit, and at the same time have ample breasts and a round butt. Women are bombarded with this image, or a similar one, on a daily basis, making it seem like it is the norm, when in reality it is not. Women are taught to believe that this is what they should look like and that this is what men are looking for; and men, always seeing the same "ideal" women, are taught to look for such women. .
             Even the so-called plus sized models are skinnier than the average woman is.

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