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             Paintballing a sport for the common man which requires no athleticism. In the sport you take a modified gun that uses a twenty ounce co2 tank to shoot balls filled with paint. The sport is very challenging in that there are many passions on the field. You could be some one that advances to take control of the field. Your, you can play as a guard to stay behind with the flag. Getting hit with a paintball is very painful and it can scar your cause death. Paintballing demands honesty and patients and it is not for someone who can not take a little pain. Paintballing has taught me a lot over the five years I have been playing.
             When I first started out playing I was shy towards the game. I was afraid and wanted to go home. I was hurting every where I had bruises and welts. Then half way through the day I shot someone for the first time. A burst of life shot through me. For the first time I was living. I started to understand the game with every kill I maid then eventually started to love it. I realized why this game was so talked about in shows and by other people on the streets. It was fun and demanded respect.
             For the first year I was a guard playing in the back field. I was taking trash from a lot of people saying that I was a wuss who did not want to take a hit. Well they where right I was so I decided to go balls out. So I did and I was met with tons of paintballs flying at me and I got torn up. The funny thing was they did not hurt so my confidence went up in the game and it also did out in life. I was making decisions out side of the field I would normally not do and taking jobs I use to think I could not do. Now when I paintball I"m always on the move killing six players game. I"m no longer a guard I"m a rusher an advancer.
             In life many things demand honesty and patience. Which in paintballing you need to have those things because when you are shot there is no ref to call you out.

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