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Capital Punishment

             Capital Punishment is the execution of a person found guilty of murder. Average citizens are now becoming more aware that capital punishment, if it is correctly used, could be a solution to many of today's most pressing criminal problems. Not only is capital punishment a deterrence to a crime, it is our responsibility to assure that murderers will not murder again. Some would argue that capital punishment does not allow for the rehabilitation of members of society, but it does allow for restitution for victim's families and retribution for society. Capital punishment is the only way to ensure that killers are no longer threats to society.
             Deterrence is based on the fact that the threat of punishment will discourage people from committing a crime. In order for capital punishment to work as a deterrent, the criminal must be aware that execution is the punishment for the crime that they are about to commit, and that this punishment has been carried out on others like them. To say that capital punishment would not be a deterrent to crime is like saying that people are not afraid of death. Stated as being the end makes the death penalty more feared than being in prison. Although this method of crime prevention will never be 100% effective, sparing the lives of even a few victims by deterring their murderers is more important than preserving the lives of convicted criminals because of the possibility that capital punishment will not be a deterrence.
             The basis of punishment is to make one pay for the crime they commit. If we as a society cant save the lives of our victims, we must punish the criminals. The family of a victim and the society has the right to see killers punished for their crime, which is referred to as retribution. The bible states that "thou shall not kill". The views and opinions in the bible are still widely accepted by society and should not be taken lightly.

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