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Advantages of the internet

            The possible advantages of implementing the Internet in the classroom are as diverse as the services and tools offered by the network. The Internet offers many resources that are not usually available in any geographic location. In addition to these resources, the Internet also enhances various skills of its users. Communication and writing skills can be directly affected through the use of the Internet. It may also help in areas such as critical thinking, problem solving, and group work. This section of the paper will elaborate on how the Internet provides access to resources and how it can enhance various skills for students.
             One major advantage of the Internet is the amount of resources it makes available to its users. College level students are used to having significant library resources on location, not to mention the availability of interlibrary loans. These options are generally not available to students in primary or secondary level education. This means that these students are quite limited in the amount of resources that they have available to them. Access to all the tools of the Internet changes this. The Internet offers not only more resources than ever before, but it also offers a quicker way to retrieve these resources.
             Because the Internet is so large, students have the opportunity to see many different sides of the issues that the may be researching. Instead of looking at the ideas of a single author, students can browse many different resources on the web and put together a well-rounded topic. By doing this, Children also learn how to integrate different materials. The fact that they can do this relatively quickly is also an advantage for students who have little patience or students that can quickly lose interest in a topic.
             The simple aspect that there is an attractive looking web page surrounding the information that students are looking for is also beneficial.

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