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             It is the age of computer technology as it is shaping and influencing, the way we live, access information, and communication. Since its introduction to the world several years ago, the Internet has seen the number of people owning a computer rising sharply. Everyday more users are signing for internet service and allowing them to access the information highway at the comfort at home. Until then we have seen the change not only at home, but also at every level of our lives. .
             Before the internet, there was only the computer, large ones that take up a whole room. The computer then was seen only as a tool, and then a few years later there was the personal computer which made it more accessible and more interactive. The PC was a marvelous technological wonder that enabled us to have wider relationships. But these relationships did not appear yet until PCs started to become interconnected. This is where internet comes in. At first it was only a military tool, used by the States to connect their military bases and easily share their data. That was until someone saw the internet as a commercial value and the great potential of the net. The World-Wide Web was born and its powerful tool has enabled us to find a new communication trough chats and other interactive computer programs that has been useful for educator and students as well.
             A new world in our lives submerged and started to populate over the years with many kinds of pc of different systems. The cyberspace is exactly the new world people have themselves gotten involved with the help of technology like the personal computer. With our lives now half of our time inside the screen, we gain the ability to recreate ourselves virtually in this new world. We now have the ability to shop or run any kinds errands that is available trough the click of a mouse. .
             Convincingly the internet it is one of the most successful bossiness for online shopping since it has managed its move to Internet commerce as well.

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