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Child Study

             was born on December 22, 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. He is a Caucasian male age three with blonde hair, blue eyes and a slim build. He weighs approximately 29 pounds and stands about 31 inches tall. Wesley hit the developmental milestone of rolling over at four months and sat up at seven months. Wesley even called Dada at five months and Mama at eight months. Wesley has only one sibling, a sister named Georgia who was born August 24, 2001. Both children are in the home of parents, Becky and Scott. Since the age of 9 months Wesley has received childcare from The C. James Grothaus Child Care Center; is located in the State Retirements Systems building where his mother works full-time. Wesley has had education classes in swimming and gymboree that he took from age of three months to age three years. Wesley joined the pre-school three - four room on February 23, 2003 coming from the toddler room. Wesley said, "I"m Not Scared.".
             Physical Development.
             Physical Development - Gross Motor Skills.
             April 10, 2003 - While in the downstairs playground area, Wesley ran smoothly while chasing a friend towards the balance beam, which he crossed with no problem. ( as he held his arms out to balance himself better.) Later during free play he and a group of his peers rode the tricycles in a circle as if they were racing.
             May 16, 2003 - In the classroom, the Cooperating Teacher offered the children many free choice options. Wesley and his best friend, who transitioned to the pre-school room with him, decided to all participate in the activities provided. Wesley jumped around swinging his arms in the air pretending to be "Batman" Which he participated in the entire free choice time. On occasion Wesley would skip one foot in front of the other, soon the skip turned into a jog.
             Recommendations - Gross Motor Skills.
             Wesley's gross motor skills seem to be enriched by the opportunities that he received from the early gymboree classes.

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