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What Aspects of Humanity have been lost in Brave New World.

            There lies a moral of distinction in all of us; a sense of ethics if you will.
             underlying theme of specific behaviorism's which we all adopt to and practice and.
             pride ourselves upon. Take into account the ceremony of marriage; a man.
             manufactured union between two people for eternity; supposedly before they both.
             husband and wife shrivel up and die. The family banquets which follow with the new.
             born kids; generations of descendants all seated before a table, eagerly taking up.
             portion after portion. The next morning Father backs out of the driveway in the four.
             seater family car with ABS brakes and newly restored suspension, on his way to work.
             to earn a paycheck which will either be saved or spent on the family. Commonplace.
             scenario of one of the many families in the world. Human qualities and behaviors.
             displayed day in and day out.
             Enter "Brave New World", where all aspects of current day human qualities.
             have basically become extinct. A list of examples in society of 624 A.F:.
             -Free thought has been abolished; Ford the consequences if people were.
             allowed to think!.
             -Moral choice has been discarded in favor of promiscuity; how could you.
             possibly be sexually satisfied with the same partner for over a month!.
             -Self criticism has been labeled as a depressant since you can't be happy if.
             you are depressed now can you?.
             -No more hatred in society; because hate makes people do little crazy things.
             like going and blowing someone's country to hell, or worse, keying someone's car.
             -Innocence has been completely lost; a nice new twist has been given to "Kiss.
             and Catch" on the youth of society. Erotic playtime. Would work quite well in today's.
             time aswell, albeit in senior college, not kindergarten.
             -Most important and depressing of all, individuality. A person's dreams and.
             sense of self have been forever banished in favor of automated decisions prescribed.
             by the state. .
             The establishment of this society is contributed by the consequences of war;.

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