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Extra Curriculum Activity

            N I thought that I am too as well as many others a part of this world, I have responsibilities towards it, and I can't just ignore what's happening. Why should people die of famine while others spend millions on weapons of mass distraction, or why are people being discriminated because of the colour of their skin, their religion or gender? So many questions, some of them still remain unsolved. I"ve spent some hours together with some other students collecting information on such issues, we discussed about the information we had collected, we visited embassies and organizations such as Greenpeace or the U.N. and we learned more from people that are experienced with world affairs. After the research, we conducted debates and used our critical thinking and imagination of how "we the students." could - even virtually - change the world. .
             M.U.N, an extra-curriculum activity that gives students the opportunity to become aware of world issues, to improve their research and debating skills, to get to know different people and places of the world and practise the English language, should be offered to any public schools.
             M.U.N involves going abroad and attending international conferences were the students can discuss the topics they have chosen to do research on and are mostly interested in. They go abroad in order to meet people from different countries and share opinions. This means that they skip lessons and they stay behind with school material. This can turn many academics against M.U.N. Have you ever thought that in Geography or History one learns about a country's politics, history and geographical importance. A student that is involved in a M.U.N can also learn about one country by visiting its museums and by getting to know people with different traditions and cultures. Apart from that some might think that M.U.N keeps students from concentrating on their homework and leaves them behind with much uncovered school work that might not be able to catch up.

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