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Comparison Between Turksih and Swedish Culture

            I have two countries that I consider as my home; they are Sweden and Turkey. My mom is Swedish and I was born in Sweden, so I consider it as my home. I also think that turkey is my home because my dad is Turkish and I have lived mostly my whole life in Turkey since I was 4 years old.
             You can not really compare the two countries on what similarities they have because there aren't any. Both countries have totally different cultures, cuisine, language, art, religion, and ofcourse history.
             I am going to write about what particularly in that country makes me feel as my home. .
             I will begin to write about turkey,.
             The Turkish flag (above): The red colour and the white star and crescent shape on the flag represent Turkey and the Ottoman Empire and their commitment to Islam. The flag has remained pretty much as it is today since the late 1700's. .
             Here are some facts about Turkey:.
             Turkey's official name is the Republic of Turkey.
             Status: UN Country Population: 60,802,000.
             Capital City: Ankara Area [sq.km]: 779,450.
             Main Cities: Istanbul, Izmir, Currency: Turkish lira.
             Adana .
             Languages: Turkish Religions: Sunni Muslim.
             These are some facts about turkey but this is not the reason why I consider it as my home country.
             The reddish exterior is the tell tale sign of .
             the Hagia Sophia Mosque. .
             One reason for me to consider Turkey as my home would be that, I have lived there almost all my life because of my dad's job and it just feels like home to me. One reason for this would be that my dad is Turkish and I learned to speak the Turkish language from him. This helped me to interact with the people of turkey, and I didn't feel exploited from them. I didn't feel as a foreigner because I knew that I was half-Turkish and I could speak the language. In school I got many Turkish friends whom I talked Turkish too, which helped me a lot to get different perspectives of Turkey which were mostly positive.

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