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Happy Friday

             HAPPY FRIDAY .
             I believe everybody on Friday can't wait until the bell of the last period starts to ring. Have you ever sat in class and dreamed about tomorrow, about the weekend, what you going to do for the next couple of days, or even this night?? At this point of time nobody cares what teachers say, no one listens to them. It doesn't matter for you, whether you have a quiz, test or something. One thing that does matter for you is that today is Friday. Friday - the week is over, the next couple of days no school, no waking up early in the morning, no teachers, just freedom! Therefore, in my opinion we should have every Friday in PHS a half day school. .
             My first reason is that by the end of the week we all feel very tired. Every day we have five or six classes, just to sit and listen. What about tests, quizzes, or projects??? There is probably no day without any homework. Sometimes you even have to stay up late at night if you want to finish all your papers. Therefore, after nights like this you fell very sleepy and tired in school. We are talking about Friday here oh, come on!!! If you want to finish all your homework after school, you can forget that weekend has started. First, you will sit in all your classes until what about four o"clock. However, you"re probably in same kind of sport, so you won't get home until after six in evening. After getting home you think it is over? Heal no, because you have homework to do ! .
             My second reason for half-day in Fridays is, on Friday everybody feels a little destroyed by the feeling of the weekend and that takes you out of the attention in the subject. You"re sitting in the class, but actually you"re not there. You can't concentrate on what the teacher is talking about, and on the subject. There are other thoughts in your mind and when is a better time to think about something, than the boring teacher's explanation of the substances, compounds or other stuff like that.

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