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Kiria Klein

            Ç ÊÑÉÁ ÊÁÚÍ.
             A dramatic and intense performance performed by three talented actresses, Åë. ×áazáñaÝñz, Áí. ÄåeáÜëëá, ×ñ. ÁëåáíéÜí, lit up the stage in this dark story. Even though I didn't understand all of the play, I was able to understand what was going on through the movements of the actresses. This story is about a daughter trying to tell the truth of her brother's death. Through this time of the mother being difficult and not wanting to listen, and the daughter's broken life, in the middle of it all is the new secretary who is also a friend of the daughter. She believes that the son was sick and died from what the mother told her. But the real truth that ripped this family apart was that he committed suicide. The daughter wrote a letter to the mother explaining everything whilst the mother just ripped it up into little shreds. Years of trying to tell her mother has separated these two into a mechanical relationship of how mothers and daughters should act. Many more events happen throughout the performance help each character discover things about themselves. Near the end I got kind of bored because all they were doing was talking and talking and talking some more. They also spoke really fast at some points that lost me but my interest was still in. .
             They costumes for each character was pretty much what an everyday woman wears. Their movements also help what the character was like. The protagonist wore lots of big loose clothing that would show off the upper class to which she belong. A perfect hat completed this ensemble. Her costume helped the audience understand that this lady had money and she was well respected amongst others. One could say she was a minor psonio as we say in Greece. She walked as if she owned the room she was in.

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