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Francisco Costa and Calvin Klein

            A more perfect union could not have been than that of Francisco Costa and the fashion mega house, named after it's eponymous creator, Calvin Klein. After Calvin Klein left his namesake label in 2002, Francisco Costa took over as Creative Director, bringing with him a new, hyper edgy take on the already racy, scandalous/minimalist aesthetic that Calvin built over his 30+ year reign at his label. After Francisco's effortless delivery of the first two collections, which picked up very positive reviews as a duo of homages to Calvin Klein himself, passion ensued, motivating Francisco to new lengths and covering ground he never thought he would want to pursue. The House of Calvin Klein is known in the present day for not only what Calvin Klein created in the 80's and 90 's (with the racy advertising and anti-maximalist aesthetic) but also for what Francisco Costa has brought to the table; effortless style and edgy cuts and folds, as well as new silhouettes and the now popular high street look, which many say he pioneered (which is also debatable, depending on which fashion reviewer you trust). Francisco Costa has changed the house for the better in many ways, and I intend on diving deep into his thought process to deliver a collection that mirrors the minimalist, yet edgy aesthetic Francisco has created.
             Much of Francisco's focus during the design process is directed towards the construction of each look, and the overall silhouette. Francisco is constantly bringing in new silhouettes to work with, something Calvin Klein himself didn't do very often as he stuck mainly to revamping basics. Nowadays however, you can watch a dress with a cascade front ending in a sharply pleated side seam, or double folds somehow meandering towards a slit on the midsection of a shift. These kinds of folds are what Francisco is known for, as well as unconventional pleating, shearing, and deconstructing, another popular trait of his.

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