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Reader Response Essay on

            Reader Response Criticism on "Don't Call Me by My Real Name".
             In this story I have chosen a reader response critical approach. I believe that this story has many confusing plots to it. Mrs. Klein does not like the name she has accepted by way of marriage to her husband. She wants to change it but has never had the heart to tell her husband until she becomes drunk at a gathering in which no familiar people attend. When she does tell her husband he becomes very angry and yet heartbroken. He feels a certain anger that brings him to striking his wife so many times that she falls to the floor and is bleeding at the mouth. .
             Many men around the couple laugh at this sight because they find a certain humor in the fact that she is not satisfied with her new name. She has been married for six months and if she did not approve of that name to such an extent, why did she marry this man? She tells these men that they are not friends probably referring to the fact that they are not familiar to her yet they laugh at a such a thing that can cause a great disgrace in the well being of a family. .
             Mrs. Klein wants to go by her maiden name because she feels it is sophisticated and it only appears rarely in the phone book, not like Klein, which takes up a certain amount of the book. There is a notion that Mrs. Klein wants to be different and she is very vein and worries too much about what people think about her. As soon as her husband tries to walk out on her from the party she follows him and it seems to me as if her is trying to make a scene and show the other people that he in charge in their marriage and if she does not listen to him she will be scolded. As soon as she is outside he approaches her from behind and tell her that he cannot go without her, hoping that she would change her mind and keep her name. She still sticks to her choice and wants to change her name. .
             Mrs. Klein is so motivated by this name change that she lies to these delicatessen workers about her last name when Mr.

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