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What Freedom Means to Me

            Freedom- it's an interesting word isn't it? Almost everyone has a different opinion of freedom. I think freedom means trying to live the way that the millions of soldiers, militiamen, and draftees who have died would want us to: peacefully, harmoniously, but not without some of the hardships of life which make us who we are.
             All through our past Americans have been fighting for freedom. In the revolutionary war some rebels wished for a country where they could speak freely, have any religion, make their own rules, and determine their own taxes. The rebels won. In the civil war, which is also the war that took more Americans lives than any other, the south was fighting for the right to own slaves. The north was fighting for all people to be free in this country. This is the war which America suffered its worst defeat because we were fighting ourselves.
             Next came the first of the World Wars. American soldiers fought to preserve freedom in Europe, one hundred sixteen thousand five hundred and sixteen Americans died in that war alone. In World War II, two hundred ninety two thousand, one hundred and thirty one soldiers died to keep Europe, and Pacific Ocean countries out of the control of dictators.
             Freedom- for some it means being able to listen to what you wish, being able to dress how you want, or watching what you desire on television. To me freedom means the right to remember all of those who have given their lives for how we live now. I think our founding fathers would be amazed to see that we are still alive, but then again maybe not because they know how much people will risk if they truly believe in something. Today it is astonishing if an airplane crashes every month and kills two hundred people. Yesterday it was almost common for five hundred people to die in one day. That is why we must remember their sacrifices.

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