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What America Means to Me

             America is a wonderful place to live, because we are free. Freedom is important, and many people in other countries do not have much freedom. I am glad I have a place like this to grow up in; where I know that I can be equal with other races and other genders. Also, I am glad I have a place like this that will respect me and I know it will be a great place to have my children grow up in. Some of our ancestors did not have the privileges we have now because they grew up in other countries, that controlled their religion, who they married, and almost everything else in their lives. That may be one of the reasons they moved to America in the first place. I am very grateful for our country, and all of the privileges I have growing up here. In many countries, I wouldn't be able to get the education that is available to me, and I wouldn't get many of the rights I have because I am a woman. .
             Women's rights have been a major issue in the past, especially in some other countries, where women must walk around completely covered or they are arrested. In America, even though we had to fight for these rights, not only can we vote, but we can also get the same education and same jobs as the men in today's society. .
             Another part of America that I like is the way politics are set up. Anyone who thinks they can do a good job is able to run for a place in today's government. We don't only have one ruler who makes all our rules and laws, but instead the people in America are ruled by the people. I like that because that way if we want something changed, or if enough of us think that something is wrong with our nation, we can make a difference. Voting is a big part of making that difference, because voting shows how you want our government run, and whom you want to be represented by. We aren't just represented by our president. We are also represented by our town councils, our mayors, our governors, senators, and everyone else that makes up a part of our government.

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