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Van Gogh

            Little is known about Van Gough's intent in "Starry Night". This portrait was the only one done inside the institution. It was done from his memory and past influences. It shows that nature is intriguing, complicated, and enormous compared to the life that roams the green earth. The fact that he painted it from memory suggests that it is more than a mere representational piece; it is abstract, because the makings of earth and the psyche is not clear. It reminds us of the drama of nature and to value what it has created. As one searches for meaning through the dark canvas, currents of excitement arrive through relation with the artist and his life.
             The aggressiveness of the lines show how that nature is very important and should not be looked over. The sensual rolling of the hills and sky show the motion and power of the sky and earth. Then one sees the piercing vertical line of the dark cypress tree creates directional force pushing the eyes up to the sky and emphasizing how dramatic nature can be and making it very dynamic. The horizontal layout of the town implies the feeling of a lazy little town snuggled in for the night that is unaware of the sky's aspiration. If he had used mechanical lines that would have changed the content by showing a strict by the book attitude.
             When one sees rolling clouds and climbing hills time and motion come to mind. The whole painting seems to move in a circle stimulating the mind to discover the next eureka. The soft organic shapes and curves of the sky imply an ever changing environment much like the weather. It is an open portrait that which explains the fleeting feeling that one feels when under the influence of the pull of gravity and the other effects of the natural elements. Potential motion is shown by the large swirling cloud in the center of the painting. By repeating the stars Van Gough contributed to the content by showing the ever-revolving action in the heavens and establishes rhythm.

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