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Industrial Relations Act - QLD AUSTRALIA

             "The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission is an independent tribunal established to conciliate and arbitrate industrial matters in the State of Queensland."" "Queensland Industrial Relations Commission- (http://www.qirc.qld.gov.au/aboutus/index.htm) .
             1.1 The Legislation.
             Aims and Objectives.
             There are many pieces of legislation active throughout Queensland which help to regulate employment conditions, and make clear the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. .
             The Industrial Relations Commission is all about the behavior and interaction of people at work. It refers to the legal relationship that exists between a number of parties within the work environment. These parties include: .
             Employer Associations .
             Regulatory Authorities. .
             The Industrial Relations Act is aimed at providing employees with equal rights and conditions. The act is all about the interaction of the five parties and the negotiation between them. These negotiations end in a resolution that determines the rights, responsibilities and conditions employees are entitled to. .
             1.2 Features of the Legislation.
             The Industrial Relations Act provides many features that help determine the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. .
             The Act Provides:.
             Minimum conditions for employees such as sick leave, annual leave, parental leave and long service leave; .
             1.3 Contracts of Employment.
             A contract of employment is the contract which states all the terms and conditions of employment in a workplace. It may be given to the employee via an award, terms implied under common law, customs and practices of a workplace or a workplace agreement.
             Remedies for employees who have been unfairly dismissed; .
             1.4 Unfair Dismissal.
             An unfair dismissal is when it is Harsh, Unjust, Unreasonable or for an invalid reason. If an employee is found to have been unfairly dismissed an application may be made to the Industrial Relations Commission which may lead to reinstatement, however if reinstatement is not possible the commission must hold a conference where one of two things may happen.

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