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1984 vs our world today

             Our world has several similarities to the world of 1984. The world of 1984 was much harsher but we do have some things that can make us wonder how life will be in centuries to come. .
             Life as we know it seems pretty great. We have everything we could have ever wanted: prosperity, family, shelter, food, privacy and under normal circumstances, a non-totalitarian government that gives us many freedoms as well as good, honest people. If you think about it, aside from petty unhappiness, life is all anyone could dream of. But is everything really how it looks on the outside? Is everything exactly as we think it is all the time, or are we just as foolish as the people of the age of 1984?.
             Take a minute to think about the following comparisons. 1984 had telescreens and microphones that could see and hear everything everyone did at all times even if the telescreens couldn't see them. They were lurking behind every corner, in every room and every household. Our world would never have anything like that. But what are surveillance cameras? Don't they do the same thing? They may not be everywhere and they don't shout out orders, but how do we know if in a couple decades they won't be everywhere. Surveillance cameras watch shoppers making sure they don't steal anything or do anything else unorthodox. If they do, then the shoplifter is arrested and prosecuted by police or store personal so they can take the thief to Jail. The telescreens did almost the same thing, watching everyone's to make sure they were obeying the laws of Big Brother (the totalitarian leader at the time) and when anyone was found to be out of line they were captured and taken to the Ministry of Love to be healed of their un-cleanliness by means of torture. So just how long will it be until there are stricter laws and more surveillance cameras? Then now since we can also be overheard through phone taps and many believe that with the V-chip developed in 1996 is watching our actions also.

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