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The Reasons for the Rise in Teenage Crime

            Increasing violence is becoming an inalienable problem attributed to every society. According to recent public opinion pools the crime rate is disquietingly growing and if something is not done soon, this phenomenon will become a real calamity. Escalating aggression, especially among the young generation is extremely harmful to the society as a whole, and the reasons of this trend are more complex and compound then most of us imagine. To the most common factors instigating teen violence belong undoubtedly aggressive films and mounting unemployment combined with growing poverty among their parents .
             The children have nowadays completely different opportunities of organizing their free time. One of them, and probably the most popular, is TV. The range and variety of TV programs is widespread and, according to the scientists, this is the media who is responsible for the increasing growth in crime. Research show that it is definitely a major source of violent behavior in children. The statistics prove time and time again that aggression and television viewing do go hand in hand. It is scientifically proved that children copy violent scenes from television, believing that this type of behavior is acceptable. Just as a baby bird observes its mother to learn how to fly, children emulate the actions of their favorite television character. Busy parents have little time to take care of their children, who need some pattern they could follow. Deprived of positive example of constantly absent parents, they act in the same way as the violent characters from cartoons or movies.
             Social environment and family lifestyle have been proved to have a direct affect on a teenagers" behaviour. Failure to stop a child from doing something wrong could lead the child to believe that his manner is acceptable. Teenagers often commit acts of violence to get their parents" attention. If parents ignore what their children are doing, then they can will continue to do it just to be noticed.

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