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Rec center visit

             The Rec Center that I chose to visit was the YMCA. At the YMCA you don't have to be a member to go there which is nice for someone that does not want to get three or four times a week, but for someone who does want to attend regularly or has a family they can get a membership annually. For a single membership good at only one location costs $276.00 per year or for a membership that can be used at all Columbus area YMCA's you pay $293.00 per year. For someone that has a family membership for one location will cost $559.00 or for all Columbus area locations it will cost $723.00 per year. You can have the money deducted monthly from your checking account or you can pay it all at once.
             The goals of the YMCA are to provide a place for people of all ages to be able to go and do the things that they like to do. There is a sign in the lobby that states "We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities". This lets you know it is a well rounded place that does not focus on one group of people. The YMCA provides programs for all ages from toddlers to mature adults. They have before and after school programs for parents that are not able to be with their children in the mornings before school or after school until they would get off work. This program runs from 6:30am till school starts and again when school dismisses till 6:00pm. A bus can take the children to school and return them to the YMCA. The program entails field trips, art projects, games, and various other activities. .
             They Y also offers sports programs for people of all ages. For younger children there is gymnastics, hockey, T-ball, soccer, swimming, and baseball. Each sport has different age groups so that children are able to play with other kids their same age or within a year or two of them. For adults there is basketball, soccer, softball, and flag football. Sports for adults are coed but they also offer men's and woman's leagues.

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