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            Growing up, I had dreams of winning championships. Lying in bed, I had dreams that I had won baseball, football, and basketball championships. I dreamt that I became a pro-athlete, and that I made millions of dollars. Over time, my dreams have changed. Instead of hitting a three-pointer to win the final game, I now dream about how I want my life to unravel. I find myself dreaming that I become a good person, and I dream about what my career will be. I search inside myself for my purpose in life, and I yearn to find the one thing that sets me apart from others. I know I will never be the MVP of the NBA and that I will never win the Cy-Young, and yet I still play the sports that I love.
             Over the last year I have been through many experiences in sports, and I have reflected on why I play them. I have decided that the underlying reason I play them is to have fun. The best part of basketball is that I get to play with my friends and try to win with them. We have been playing together for a very long time, and I love the bond that we share with each other. We have been many places and played in many games together, and that is the reason why I want to play.
             Everyone has heard people talk about how sports better a person. They say that sports teach good work ethic and how to be a team player. I believe both, but I find that the work and practice is the hardest part of the schedule for me. My laid-back personality and easy-going attitude have made it hard for me to get excited about practicing, and I know this a weakness that I have on the court. This year, I have come to realize that my attitude is one of my favorite things about myself, making it hard for me to change. My easy-going attitude is both good and bad in basketball, and I just have to find when to change.
             I have found many new hobbies and activities that I have begun to love in the last year, and I have kept the old activities that I love in mind.

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