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The Island

            It stretched out for miles, surrounded by a never-ending, crystal clear, Tropical Ocean. With coral reefs and tropical fish invading old shipwrecks and exploring the dark and never ending deep-sea caves. Masses of underwater sea-gardens were filled with the most exquisite sea-plants, and animals that darted about like disturbed fish in a pond. .
             The beach was a cluster of snow-white sand and tiny-beached seashells. It merged straight into the luscious green bush, with sweet, honey smelling flowers. The trees were so tall that they could have kissed the cloud-tops. The bushes were full of fruit that was so fragile; if you touched them they would "jump" to the ground.
             The wild animals roamed the interior plains, stalking oblivious prey and frolicking in the sun.
             There was a huge mountain in the centre, it had several streams slowly radiating outwards from it, they graciously trickled down the mountainside and would eventually unite and form a breathtaking waterfall that ended in a large, open waterhole.
             In the evening the animals would gather around it and they would drink the cool, pitch, black, mountain water. The sunsets were majestic, with all the colours imaginable. The sun would set behind fluffy, white, streamlined clouds, and would leave behind a beautiful landscaped profile behind.
             At night the island would come alive. The nocturnal animals would come out of their deep, daily sleep, and they would hunt for food. The crickets would begin their rhythmical music. The owls would swoop down to the ground like gliding kites, grab hold of their small and terrified prey, and then return to their perches and savagely rip and eat their prey, as if they had never eaten before. The animals seemed to be making their way down to the water. They knew what was coming. They were all very alert, they would jump at the slightest of noises, and yet they seemed to be oblivious of the distant sound of drums beating, and the zombie-like chanting.

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