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Sports Motivation Lessons

             In this article, it discusses several lessons on how to motivate the members of a sports team, as well as, how to structure the team and its work. In order for a team to work together they must understand the definition of team and the concept of its meaning. Team members must respect, cooperate, and be competitive towards each other in a positive way. .
             Learning to mix cooperation and competition among team members can lead to positive and negative results. If a sports team cooperates with each other and each player strives to help other team members do better, the results are a winning team. A losing team has negative correlation, such as teammates being too intense towards each other during practice and games. In conclusion, the negative correlation can never outweigh the positive correlation if you want a winning team.
             As in lesson one, team cooperation brings on wins, which brings on team confidence. A season that is started positive in the beginning by winning, keeps the team's spirit high with a positive correlation. From first hand experience, my high school coach started the season by giving us small goals to achieve together as a team. Our team goals were met and we would be given a day off from practice as a reward. As the season progressed our goals were higher, such as winning regional and state competitions. As a result, our record was 31-1 losing the state championship. .
             This lesson teaches teams that a losing streak is difficult to overcome. A team needs to realize individually and as a whole what is causing their losses. This could range anywhere from team members not getting along with one another to uncontrollable circumstances beyond the control of the team. If a team's ticket sales are down, the team does not try as hard to win because they do not feel supported. In this situation, the team could promote themselves with posters and free team merchandise.

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