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Capital Punishment

             Capital Punishment pertaining to the death penalty is mostly received by serious .
             To date, Capital Punishment is legal in 38 states in our nation. It is usually .
             reserved for people convicted of murder. It is said, that more inmates are sitting on .
             death row, instead of being executed. The United States is one of the very few .
             countries in the world which continues to execute criminals. Our nation, also executes.
             mentally ill persons, persons with very low IQ, and also child murderers, which are .
             persons who at the time committed there crime under the age of 18.
             Capital Punishment is highly controversial, especially in the United States. Most .
             citizens in our nation today support the death penalty. Supporters claim that people.
             who commit these horrendous crimes deserve to die. It is also said that the death penalty .
             is less expensive, then life imprisonment. Although, there is another side to this matter,.
             and that is opponents of capital punishment. Opponents argue that offenders on death row.
             spend their lives trying to appeal there cases. By that mere fact, supporters of the death .
             penalty say that its very expensive, and it does cost more then life imprisonment. Yet .
             opponents claim that may occur in some cases, but not most. Opponents also argue.
             that the death penalty has not worked in preventing people from committing crimes.
             It has also put innocent people to death. Though supporters disagree and say people .
             will less likely commit murder, if they know, they will face death if caught, is completely .
             untrue. The most controversial issue of Capital Punishment is that it discriminates. .
             In fact, African Americans have received the death penalty in a higher rate then whites.
             have. Until recently, whites have been executed in a larger rate. For instance, in the year .
             2002, 71 inmates were executed. 53 of the inmates were white, and 18 were black.
             I dont think we can base the death penatly on discrimination now a days.

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