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Ethical perspective

             Reading through all of these ethical perspectives, I have found that my perspective is probably situationalism. Being 18 years old and making college decisions that will directly affect the path that I lead through life, I find myself asking what is morally right. To leave my family and enroll in an out of state colligate institution, or follow the path that my older brother took, and go to a private college closer to our hometown. The problem with the out of state institution is that both of my parents believe that a smaller, more personally objective college, would be a better setting that a larger university. Both of my parents and my brother attended a smaller institution, so they cannot really vouch for a larger university. This is the major question that I have to reflect upon. For me to go against my parents visions and try the new path, or follow in their footsteps by going to a smaller college. This was just one example of an ethical decision that I will have to make in the coming months.
             I believe that my ethical perspective is situationalism because I was brought up that way. With both of my parents being teachers, I have had a solid foundation to build upon. The differences between right and wrong, up and down, yes and no, right and left, are all very apparent to me. My parents taught me to be trustworthy, responsible, reliable, and patient. I believe that a "situationalist" needs to contain all of these characteristics. If one does not obtain all of these traits, he or she probably, in my mind, is not a "situationalist". .
             I consider situationalism to be somewhat like a rule-based perspective. In a way, different situations tend to have different objectives. When in a situation, one can think of the rules, and try to follow them as closely as possible. Or they could think of a situation that closely relates to the situation that they are in now and judge their following actions upon that scenario.

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