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Steroids In Sports

            Millions of people watch sports contests such as baseball, basketball and football.
             None of those millions want to see an unfair game. By letting athletes take the.
             easy way out and not making them work hard to reach their peak performance is not only.
             hurting the athlete but also letting those who watch them down. Nobody wants to watch.
             a cheater. Performance-enhancing drugs are not needed and should be banned from all.
             sports to ensure the health of the athletes and also to keep the games fair.
             There are many unhealthy side effects from the use of performance-enhancing drugs. .
             Although these side effects are indirect they are still life threatening. Liver failure and.
             increased chances of heart attacks are two of the most harmful side effects (Bad). These.
             side effects can cause anyone who uses them to never be able to play again. Another.
             effect is permanently deformed bones (Sports). Not only can the deformation of bones.
             prevent you from playing further it can prevent you from doing the simple things in life.
             like walking or feeding yourself. Two other side effects are damage to your kidneys and.
             muscles (Sports). Those who take performance-enhancing drugs are not looking at the.
             consequences. They only see the immediate results and not what can hurt them in the long.
             run. Immediate results are only good for the time being. Ten years from the period that.
             the drugs were being taken the latent results would make anyone wish they never went for.
             the immediate.
             Taking drugs to improve your performance is both morally and ethically wrong. .
             Christian tradition, in which to violate the laws of nature is to usurp the power of God.
             (Drugs). Every one is given a certain path to follow and not to stray away from. To.
             usurp is to seize and hold by force or without right. Using chemicals to do what your.
             body is not capable of doing on its own is a form of cheating (Drugs). You are not only.
             cheating yourself but you are cheating your teammates and those who you are competing.

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