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Government in Latin America

             The Latin American Governments have many struggles over authority to reign the Latin American people. The caudillo, the Roman Catholic Church and the Mestizos/ Indians have much to do with these struggles to gain power and authority over the citizens of Latin America, particularly El Salvador. The political background of El Salvador is quite unstable. There had been agitations and rising tensions between the peasants and the land owning business class of El Salvador for generations. The interaction between the archbishop and the caudillos in the movie "Romero" show how the effort to gain authority creates great conflict.
             A caudillo is a chief or authority especially in Spanish speaking countries. Three instances where caudillos use their power to control the church were when the military used the church for a place for the soldiers to reside temporarily, kicking out the archbishop and Catholic followers. They also use their heavy arms and machinery to keep voters from reaching the polls. Nevertheless, the Catholics make it by walking, with many obstacles before them. The guerillas also kill many Catholics and end up killing over 60, 000 people in the ordeal portrayed in the movie.
             In addition, the main concepts of the Catholic Church to Latin America is that it would improve people's outlook on life and make them more purified beings. In the film "Romero", an instance when the church was involved with the caudillo is portrayed once Archbishop Romero's friend, Father Rutillo Grande mingles with the military, having formerly been enlisted, but later is shot and killed. They also interact with the soldiers when caudillos come by and kill innocent Catholic civilians in a celebration of mass on the city plaza. Members of the church are also ostracized and are often shot and killed by guerrillas for fear that the Catholic authority may become more powerful than the government. The church believes in a nonviolent society and when it makes movements towards that peaceful image, believers of the church are often insulted.

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