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Critique of unnatural killers

            In the article "Unnatural Killers" John Grisham states that Hollywood should take responsibility for the after-effects of their movies. Grisham insists that the violent crimes committed are directly linked to the movie "Natural Born Killer." Grisham claims that there are two possibilities that might keep Hollywood from producing movies of this caliber. One is to boycott the movies, which he stated would not work and second is the "great American tradition, the lawsuit." The Article has many interesting points that try to persuade the reader to believe the movie is responsible for the actions of Darras and Edmondson.
             Benjamin Darras and Sarah Edmondson had recently viewed the movie "Natural Born Killers" that was produced by Oliver Stone. According to Grisham, Darras murdered Bill Savage, which he claims is a direct result of the movie. Savage was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Darras decided to be like a character in the movie, he heartlessly shot Savage in the head twice, robbed him and left him there to decompose. The couple then headed toward New Orleans. Edmondson claims that Darras showed no remorse and was pushing her to be like Mallory, which was another character in the movie. Darras insisted that it was Edmondson's turn to do the killing. .
             They then pursued south on interstate 55 to Ponchatoula, Louisiana where Edmondson went into a convenience store and shot Patsy Byers, who was the night shift clerk. After exiting the convenience store, Edmondson realized she had forgotten to take the money. When Edmondson returned for the money, the woman was still alive and begged Edmondson not to kill her. Byers is a quadriplegic now, because of the shot fired by Edmondson. Then Darras and Edmondson went back to Oklahoma where they resumed their lives. After several months, bragging of the killing spree, police received an anonymous tip, which resulted in the arrest of Darras and Edmondson.

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