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Parent's Response to Birth-Control

             Throughout people's lifetime, there are something's that are better left unsaid. To most people parents are somewhat of an intimidator, and teenagers using birth-control is something that they like to keep quiet. If a daughter and her parents have a good relationship, then she will inform her parents about her situation without being obligated to. Parents of daughters under the age of eighteen should not have to be notified if their daughter receives birth-control.
             Primary, for a parent to admit that there daughter is having sexual feelings is hard to admit, so the parents will often think of the worst possible situation. For instance, parents will often accuse their children of formerly having unprotected sex. Although they have no idea of what was previously experienced, they panic and think that their daughter is in some sort of danger. Secondly, because of all the sexual transmitted diseases, and teenage pregnancies these days, parents start becoming extremely cautious. They are driven by natural nurturing instinct. There is nothing wrong with parents being cautious, because they have to show some emotions of concern, but knowing that their children are having sexual feeling puts them in a stage of paranoia.
             Parents should also not have to be notified if their daughters are getting birth-control because they will not support the relationship as much. Most kids will experience this first hand, the parents start to be bitter towards the boyfriend, especially the fathers. If a woman is mature enough to take precautions with birth-control, and having sex, then her parents should respect her decision to engage in sexual activity. Secondly, parents will not support the relationship because they believe that having premarital sex will start to lead them down the wrong path. Having sex this early in a teenager's life is a big deal, and although parents don't believe that we care about loosing their virginity, teens are very precautious.

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