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Aspects of christian life

             There are many different aspects of a Christian lifestyle but I chose to look at three: marriage, family, and community. I feel that these three are the most important aspects that are involved in a Christian lifestyle. All three of these aspects share the same thing, a bond between people. It is necessary to have people in our life because they can help guide us, be there for us when we are suffering, in times of joy and there to love eachother. Without people in our lives we would feel alone and have no guidance in to do what is right.
             Marriage is a vital aspect of Christianity because when someone decides to get married, their life now possess someone who they are going to spend the rest of their lives with. They are now committed to eachother forever. Taking a step like this is a big choice but if the choice is right then your life should be filled with happiness and love. When two people get married they now know that they will: support, care and love eachother. They will also share memories together, grow together, and maybe even start a family together. This is a time where we expierence one of the greatest joys in life. .
             Another aspect of Christianity is family. It is our family that is always there for us. They are the ones that are there when we start our life. They are the ones that are there when we are born and they are there to watch us grow every step of the way. Family is suppose to be there to support us through everything, whether it is good or bad; always there in our times of need. Our family shapes who we are, teaches us our morals and values. We are the product of our own environment, and if our family teaches us the right way to lead our life, then we have become who we are suppose to be. At the end of the day it is our family who is there to listen and be there for us.
             The last one community, is also very important. Community gives us a different sense of togetherness.

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