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Why I want to be an LPN

             There are several reasons why I want to be an LPN. The desire to help people has always been there for me. When I was fifteen years old I became a candy striper and loved it. I continued to volunteer as such until I was seventeen years old and then entered into the local technical school where I became a Certified Nurses Aide. I worked as an aide for several years before deciding to further my education and become a Certified Medication Technician. One year later I joined the Air Force and trained as a Dental Technician as well as a Field Medic. After my service time was up, I once again returned to school and enrolled in Patient Accounting. I found this career satisfying, but was still not quite content. I kept feeling that I was missing something and that this was not quite what I was meant to do. I decided to follow my heart and returned to school once more, and started my pre-requisites for nursing school. Unfortunately, my dream was short lived as a very close friend of mine became seriously ill. I dropped out of school and took a leave of absence from work and devoted my time solely to the care of my friend. He had colon cancer that had progressed into the lymph nodes. I did not know the extent of what I was getting myself into. But, taking care of my friend, easing his suffering, and just being there gave me such a rewarding feeling. My life was changed forever. I felt sorrow at his passing and remember him fondly. I would have to say that I attribute this as well as a life long dream and love for people as to why I want to become an LPN. .
             I have the drive, energy, dedication, and compassion for this vocation and would be honored if I were to be accepted into the LPN program.

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