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The Deciduous Forest

             One thing that is interesting about this biome and its climate is that it has four distinct seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter. Most deciduous forests have mild summers averaging about 70 F. The summer months begin in early June and end in late August. The winter months don't begin until December. Winter temperatures are fairly cool with an average temperature of a little below freezing. Almost all of the world's deciduous forest is located by an ocean. The ocean and the wind are two big factors of why the temperature and climate change so much in this biome. The Deciduous forests latitude range is anywhere from 23 north to 38 south. .
             Trees and Plants .
             There are many trees and plants in the deciduous forest. The 3 I am going to tell you about are the American beech tree, the Guelder rose, and the White Birch. .
             The American Beech tree grows in the southern and eastern parts of the United States. It grows best in deep, rich, moist, well-drained soils. The American beech is a tall and wide tree. The mature tree size is anywhere from 90 to 100 feet tall, and spreads 50 to 70 feet. The bark that grows on the tree is very smooth, pale and gray. The leaves are bright green and are about three inches in length. They start wide, and then get smaller and smaller, until they come to a point. The leaves have distinct, strong veins and toothed edges. The American Beech tree does not like city living, probably because of the carbon monoxide. The American Beech tree has a shallow root system and likes bottom land, and upland soil. There are two reasons why it is hard to grow anything beneath the tree. The first is because the leaves that grow on the tree block the sunlight and keep the ground constantly in shade. The second reason is because much of the root system grows all over the ground's surface, and uses any moisture that may reach the ground. .
             The Guelder Rose prefers to grow at low altitudes and in semi-shade in Scotland and England.

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