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             The plant life includes some grasses, shrubs, cacti, creosote, and rosette plants.
             Seed eating animals are common in deserts, such as ants, birds and rodents. The mammals are mostly nocturnal, or they may be active only during the cooler months of the year. Reptiles and snakes also live here, and are important predators of the seed eaters. As is the case with desert plants, desert animals are well adapted to the harsh conditions. For example, some mice never drink, instead, they obtain all their water from the breakdown of the seeds they eat. .
             Hot deserts can be found in the southwest of the United States, along the coast of South America, in northern Africa, and in the Middle East. There are cold deserts to the west of the Rocky Mountains, in eastern Argentina and throughout central Asia. .
             They are the driest of all biomes. The evaporation exceeds rainfall, making it very dry, with less than 30cm of rain per year. Most deserts are very hot, but cold deserts also exist.
             Different species of spruce, pine, and fir.
             Animal populations are mainly seed-eating squirrels and jays, herbivores such as leaf eating insects and larger browsing animals such as deer, moose, elk, snowshoe hare, and beavers. The typical predators for this area are grizzly bears, wolves, lynxes and wolverines.
             Across North America, Europe, and Asia.
             Long, cold winters, and short, occasionally warm, wet summers are typical of this region. .
             The plants found in these regions are unrelated to each other, but due to their being subject to the same environmental conditions, have evolved to have similar form and function.
             Animals found here include deer, and fruit eating birds, which are browsers. There are also ants and rodents, which eat seeds, as well as lizards and snakes. .
             Chapparal is found in the Mediterranean region, as well as along the coastlines of California, Chile, southwestern Africa, and southwestern Australia.

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