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Philosophy of Education Statement

             "Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible". This was a quote by one of my professors that sums up my feelings on why I am pursuing a degree in education. Being a teacher is the most gratifying and important job someone can hold. No other job gives you the satisfaction and opportunity to have an impact on so many young lives. Teachers are able to "connect" with students in so many ways and on many different levels that it is not uncommon for students to want to better themselves to become a more productive citizen in today's society.
             As a teacher I will strive to make sure each student has the greatest opportunity to come away with a greatest knowledge he or she can achieve. I will do this through connecting with each student as an individual. As a teacher, I must appreciate each learner's style and try to address it as much as I can, both in and out of the classroom. I have tried to incorporate activities that involve multiple intelligences (MIs) in my classroom, and these seem to have been beneficial for all students. Even if one particular part of a lesson primarily appeals to only a few students, there are still several more to whom this MI method is useful. By trying to use as many MI processes as possible, I can hope to reach most, if not all, of my students.
             It has been shown that students learn best in an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with. This means that the classroom should be student-centered. I believe that students are more open to learning if they are comfortable in the setting in which they are taught. This would be exemplified in a classroom that students may call their own. Instead of having bare walls or pre-printed posters scattered sparsely .
             Henning, Christy.
             throughout the room, I would choose to decorate my classroom with student work and projects. Students enjoy having their work displayed for others to see, and the presentation of their work is a constant reminder to me of how valuable quality, engaging work can be.

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