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Why We Still Need Political Parties

             "Why We Still Need Political Parties. American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings.
             Why We Still Need Political Parties? This selection argues that political parties have made democracy possible in our system of government. Even though political scientist claim that political parties play a much less effective role now than in earlier years because of the media and interest groups. They claim this to be an era of candidate politics where as people identify more with a particular candidate rather than a political party. .
             In my opinion political parties are necessary in today's society. However it is possible that political parties could be thrown away and we could adopt a direct system of government. A direct system of government for this country could be disastrous in our society. There are too many disadvantages to direct democracy for instance there are too many people, issues, and uneducated ideas of how the government should be ran. Madison said it best when he claimed a direct form of democracy would be like a wild mob or an appeal to the passion rather than reason. .
             The political scientist claim that political parties play a much lesser role in society today is not correct in my eyes. In my opinion it is just that the public is uneducated and not as well informed about politics as they once were. Political parties continue to balance our system of government today and serve the same functions as they did when they first were originated. However it is true that the number of independents have increased over the years but mostly among younger people. As people progress though there lives they become more informed about parties and identify with one usually democrat or republican. .
             The book says American parties today do not look for candidates to support their programs. Instead, they accept as their candidates whoever has been able to rally the strength to extract the nominations.

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