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The Campaign to Atlanta

             Well it was the day of April 12, 1861 and the Confederacy forces were demanding that the Union surrender Fort Sumter or else. And at that point Lincoln had no other choice but to fight back. Which later said that was the first battle of the civil war. Then time passes and more battles were fought. Then comes the Union Campaign, which resulted in the capture of Atlanta on September 2, 1864. It started May 4,1864. General William T. Sherman led his army of 110,000 men to northern Georgia followed by the smaller Confederate army of 60,000. General Sherman had a strategy. General Sherman threatened to cut General Joseph E. Johnston who was the Confederates Generals communications. Which pushed General Johnston to withdraw. On July 17 the Confederate President Jefferson Davis cut Johnston of his duties of the General of the Confederate army. President Davis replaced Johnston with John Bell Hood. At once General Hood went on the offence while he did so he made his army even weaker than what it was he lost 20,000 men in his first week. General Hood tried to get the Union back by cutting General Sherman supply line on the railroad. General Sherman was prepared he had troops and repair crews on guard and maintain the railroad. The battle was then almost over when General Hood had set attack on the Union and it failed and gave General Hood no choice but to leave Atlanta. Which led to the burning of Atlanta as a sign of victory for the Union.
             The battle within the Civil War the Atlanta Campaign. The fighting consisted of the Union, Who were the northerners who were against slavery and the Confederates who were for slavery. There were many men involved in the war but there were five very important men, President Abraham Lincoln, General William T. Sherman, President Jefferson Davis, General Joseph E. Johnston and General John Bell Hood. President Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States and was a strong believer of Anti-slavery.

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