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Martin Luther King Jr.

             One of the main leaders of the movement for the defense of the right civiler and important defender of the not violent resistance to the repression racial. .
             King was born in Atlanta (Georgia), January 15 of January 1929, older son of a minister Baptists. It entered in the Morehouse College to the 15 years and was ordered minister Baptists to the 17. Graduate in the Crosier Theological Seminary in 1951, carried out its job of postgraduate in the University of Boston. The studies of King in Crosier and Boston carried to investigate the jobs of the nationalistic Indian Mohandas Gandhi, whose ideas became the center of its own not violent philosophy of protest. In 1954 King accepted the appointment of shepherd in the Church Baptists of Dexter Avenue in Montgomery (Alabama). That same year, the Most supreme Court of United States prohibited the public education segregationist that they maintained numerous south states. In 1995 it was asked to King that to direct a boycott against a public company of transportations in Montgomery, because of the I arrest of a black woman after being denied to leave his seat to a white passenger. During the protest of 381 days, King was arrested and imprisoned, his dwelling was destroyed and received many threats against its life. The boycott finalized in 1956 with an order of the Most supreme Court prohibiting the segregation in the public transportation of the city. .
             The boycott of Montgomery was an evident victory of the not violent protest and King arose like a leader very respected. Consciences of it, the black clergymen of all the South founded the south Christian Conference of Leaders (SCLC), being chosen King their president. In a visit to the India in 1959 King could develop more clearly its comprehension of the satyagraha, principle of persuasion not violent of Gandhi, that King had determined to utilize as main social instrument of protest.

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