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Safe Sex Equals no Sex

             "Safe sex" usually refers to preventing pregnancy and guarding against sexually transmitted diseases. Sex outside of marriage is not natural. Unexpected pregnancy, disease, and hurt can come as a result of premarital sex. It becomes obvious that people need to understand the only way of absolute "safe sex" is maintaining sexual abstinence until an individual forms a long-terms, monogamous relationship with a non-infected, healthy partner.
             Teenagers and their parents have been persuaded to believe that condoms eliminate the risk of getting an STD and becoming pregnant. Yet, it has been shown in many studies that the condom is known to have at least a ten percent failure rate in preventing pregnancy. That figure comes from the more favorable studies. Other studies, which consider not only condom defects but mistakes by the user, indicate failure can be as high as thirty-six to forty percent in preventing pregnancy. Even other forms of contraceptives are never perfect in preventing pregnancy. .
             When it comes to preventing disease, the condom outlook gets worse. According to a new Harvard study, condoms offer only partial protection, reducing the risk of contracting gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and chlamydia by fifty percent. Sexually transmitted diseases are quite overlooked. Some STDs can lead to infertility or even death. .
             Many people assume that if a baby is not conceived and no disease was contracted, there is no harm done. Yet, the emotions of people are in factor when people consume themselves in what can be called "not-so-safe sex." There is no condom for you heart and no pill for your feelings. Something that leaves the body free of disease and pregnancy can still leave the feelings torn and the spirit shattered: that doesn't qualify as a "safe" activity. .
             Condoms and birth control are essentially useless in protecting people from most STDs. The misunderstandings of "safe sex" are ruining peoples lives.

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