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Sex Disrcimination In The Classroom

             To many of us teachers treat men and women differently. Teachers may communicate limiting preconceptions about appropriate and expected behavior, abilities, career directions, and personal goals, which are based on sex rather than interest and ability (Hall & Sandler, 1982). Teachers may not do this deliberately, but the student's ability to learn is affected and because of this, sexual discrimination is a problem that must be faced. If you encounter sexual discrimination, you must speak up and make your voice heard. Because most people don't recognize discrimination according to sex, it is vital that we make this an issue to be dealt with. .
             Some teachers treat students differently based on their sex, and to have equal opportunities for every student, this is something that must be eliminated. In the past I have experienced teachers that discriminate according to sex, both male and female. In my freshman year of high school I had a female math teacher that favored male students to female. She would always go around the class answering the males" questions first and more thoroughly and then move to the female students answering their questions quickly and briefly. We sat at tables of four, and I sat with three females. Anytime they would have a question I would have to raise my hand to get the teacher's attention to answer their questions. Then in my sophomore and junior year, my agriculture teacher favored females. In his class, the females were allowed to leave in the beginning of the class and not have to come back. They also did not have to complete assignments but yet they still received A's in his class. These examples show that sex discrimination does not always favor males, and in fact discriminates males as well. I have also noticed that P.E. teachers tend to favor males in most cases since their athletic ability is greater than that of females and Home Economics teachers tend to favor females to males since their knowledge for cooking and sewing tends to be more dominate.

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