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Even in death

             "Buzz, buzz, buzz- the sound of Caroline's cell phone was vibrating against the mess known as her desk inside her small but comfortable dorm room. "Hello" answers Caroline, assuming it was going to be one of her friends letting her know what trouble they were going to get themselves into that night. To her great surprise the voice was that of Caroline's ex-suitemate, Tara, and the tone was somber, immediately letting Caroline know that something out of the ordinary was going to come pouring through the phone into her ear. Through the course of the conversation, she was told that her close friend Dan had passed away the previous night.
             "WHAT?" she yelled, Caroline was in complete and utter shock. By the end of Tara's sentence numbness had shot throughout Caroline's body, leaving her mind blank and her face emotionless. Walking out into the common room of the suite, Tim and Beth looked at Caroline and immediately asked what had gone wrong, her usually glowing blue eyes looked like nothing more than two empty holes. As Caroline relayed the news the same feeling of shock swept over both Tim and Beth, who had known Dan quite well. There was nothing the three of them could do but sit and stare for the next few hours, occasionally sharing the information with those coming in and out of the room as a part of the regular, everyday routine. After the thought of Dan's death had somewhat come to the surface, questions of disbelief ran throughout conversation. "How, why, is this really true?" As more and more people found out the information, the more possibilities for the cause of death came up. Dan had been using various hard drugs but was in a rehab program, this wasn't supposed to happen. One by one people would come forth with different information, did he kill himself with a handgun, did he starting using Ecstasy again, was it fate's working? As the night slowly passed and tears came and went, Caroline found herself emotionally drained with an excruciating headache like she had never experienced.

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