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             There are many ways to encourage people to laugh. In this essay, I will indulge your senses and fill your mind with some of the most funny, memorable, moments in my life. One way I like to use to make people laugh is to say completely idiotic things. For instance, one time in Mrs.Barton's class we were playing a game and she asked the question, "what is sometimes referred to as the land of milk and honey", and I blurted out," Wisconsin". At first I hadn't meant to be funny, but when everyone started laughing I realized what I had said and began to laugh as well. Now this to me seemed to make sense but only for a moment, I had thought, Wisconsin has a lot of cows, so naturally it must have a lot of milk. I"d completely forgotten about the honey part of that question. Another time I was at a store with a couple of friends and we saw this girl looking at shirts. So being who I am I walked over and picked out a shirt right next to where she was and in the most girlish voice that I could muster up I said," does this make me look fat?" The people I was with at the time could not control their laughter and we all erupted into a sort of mass hysteria. .
             Another spectacular way to amaze people with laughter is to make a complete fool of ones self. To do this one must put aside all morals and standards and become enveloped in the moment. A great way to make a fool of ones self (without making too much of a fool of ones self) is to leave a strand of toilet paper hanging out the back of ones pants. To get the proper effect make sure to always act nonchalant. This will give a feeling of complete unawareness and increase the amount of laughter received. If a person is completely unembarassable the next way is definitely the way to go. First there must be certain preparations made. To start out make sure to wear non-matching shoes, holy jeans, and a shirt that is see through. Then while at school get caught sleeping and freak out when spotted.

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