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             Divorce Introduction Divorce refers to the dissolution of a marriage contracted between a man and a woman, by the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, or by an act of the legislature. It is so called from the diversity of the minds of those who are married; because such as are divorced go each a different way from the other. Until a decree of divorce is actually made, neither party can treat the other as sole, even in cases where the marriage is utterly null and void for some preexisting cause. A decree of divorce must also be made during the lifetime of both the parties. After the decease of either the marriage will be deemed as legal in all respects. Whether married three years or 30, most people are unprepared for the consequences of divorce. It can be a big blow to a person's self-esteem. And because it marks the death of a marriage, divorce also evokes emotions similar to those, which a person feels when a loved one dies -- anger, guilt, sadness, depression or fear of being alone. Just as people grieve for a lost loved one, they now need to grieve for the lost relationship. Sometimes, these feelings need to be let out. Letting feelings of guilt or anger fester will affect not only the person's well being, but also the quality of life of those around him. It is particularly important to deal with ones feelings and put them behind if one has children. Types of Divorce The emotional divorce. This aspect is easiest to recognize because it is the most expected. Common sense indicates that emotional relationships, forged over many years, will not be easily altered in a short time. What surprises people is the unexpected intensity of such emotions. If two have become one, even in a relatively restricted sense, severing the relationship will produce significant pain. Anger, fear, guilt, loneliness, relief, and happiness--a roller coaster of emotions is possible. The legal divorce.

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