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Genetically Engineering Babies is Wrong

             "When, less than a half-century ago, James D. Watson and Francis Crick first revealed to the world the structure of DNA, no one imagined how rapidly genetic technology would develop."" (Kass 1). The prompt speed of genetic development has opened up new opportunities and possibilities for both the children and parents. Soon, there will be stores called Moron-be-Gone or Babies-R-Us. In the future, parents will be looking through these stores and genetically engineering the lives. Parents using genetic technology demonstrate immoral values and decrease the respect for life. Possibilities of creating superiority over one another will create an unfair advantage for society. Producing life out of genetic material is morally wrong and alters the natural process of life. No one is able to tell from this moment if the future of genetic engineered life will be safe.
             Genes create a human being; these genes determine the child's appearance and behavior. Generations of smart, good-looking children may result from these processes of alteration, however, not all the children will be the same. Some of the genetically engineered lives may be superior to others. Wealthier families can afford the best for their child. They will be able to get the best of the best for their families and uphold their superiority in the social ladder. "Families that can afford to program superior' genetic traits into their fetuses at conception will ensure their offspring an even greater biological advantage "and thus a social and economic advantage as well."" (Rifkin 2). The impoverished of our society will continue to spiral down until the social gap becomes unbridgeable. "Genetic screening will likely lead to new levels of discrimination. One can easily imagine new levels of discrimination being directed against those whose genetic profiles reveal them to be, for example, less intelligent or predisposed to developing certain illnesses.

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