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The ocean- Whales

             Looking out far to the horizon the ocean seems never ending. The sun, when it sets, draws a line of orange shade as the night arrives. It's a reviving feeling, capable of reflecting on what's good in life just by admiring the beauty of the ocean and everything that encompasses it. The various colorful fish illuminate the underwater scene like a rainbow that stands out in the infinite blue sky. As the gleam of the sun hits the ocean, a large black tail glistens in the sun as a large whale breaks the crest of the water. .
             Whales are extra special with their uniqueness and their presence in the ocean. Their size, texture, shape, color and existence are incredible. It's amazing that these visual "beasts" are so harmful, but yet so tranquil as they peacefully lay amidst the calmness of the ocean. Then, the clear blue/green water satisfies the eye with its mellow color. In essence, the ocean puts forth an amazing feeling of relaxation and wander that enables you to escape from the burdens of reality to a state of perfect paradise. .
             A rented cottage room next to the beach; that's where I was this past president's day weekend, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, with two of my cousins and parents. We were there only for four days, and every morning I followed the same routine: I would head for the back deck, plop down in my lawn chair, and prop my feet up on the railing. The air smelled fresh, clean, and salty as the cool breeze swept through my body. I could finally relax and enjoy life while the ocean's beauty captivated me. It seemed like everyone who sat in their cozy cottages overlooking the ocean were engulfed by its presence. Children were playing in the sand or searching for seashells as couples strolled by on the boardwalk. An air of peacefulness, happiness, and serenity surrounded me. I watched the bird's as they dived in for fish, and in the distance I saw a few seasonable whales glistening in the sunlight as they swam back and forth.

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