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Killer Whales

             I remember a long time ago, well not that long ago, when I went to Marine World for the first time. I begged my mom to go to the whale show and wait two hours so that we could get a seat way up front. I was so glad that I got a seat up front because I have never seen a whale besides when I saw them in pictures or on television. I became fascinated by the fact that an animal so huge could move so graceful and have so much force behind its movements. In this whale show the animals did tricks and played with the marine trainers. I am definitely not the first person in the world that has been fascinated by these creatures. There have been discoveries of cave paintings of Killer whales. (Killer Whales 1.).
             Even though I had a great time learning about Killer Whales at Marine World, Marine World is definitely not the ideal place for a Killer Whale to live. Killer Whales" natural habitat is the ocean. They have been known to live in artic and tropical waters and in both deep and coastal waters. They are found in all of the world's oceans and most of the seas. The ideal place for a Killer Whale to live is somewhere with lots of food and somewhat cooler waters (Orca 3.).
             The Killer Whale's scientific name is Orcinus orca. The reason that they are called killer whales is because they are one of the top predators in the sea. They eat most sea life such as; fish seals sea lions, penguins, turtles, octopi, and even birds. They eat whatever they can and they have the capability to do so because they have 40-50 large conical enameled teeth that they use for crushing bones and chewing up their prey. On average, a killer whale will eat 551 pounds of food in one day! (Killer Whales 4.).
             In order to catch the food that they consume, these massive animals are frequently hunting in order to survive. They can dive to a depth of 30 m (100 ft) and swim up to 30 mph in capture their prey. The hunting that occurs is usually done in groups of whales called pods.

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